NOMH (National Organic Material and Hemp) is an initiative to start the revolution of organic material and hemp products in India. NOMH started with not just the need to bring sustainable practices in terms of lifestyle into being, but also celebrate UNIQUENESS, thereby not succumbing to the ideals set standard by the society.

Believed to have brought about a radical change in such a short span of its existence, NOMH has been able to change the way people see and feel about themselves. Our ideology, "Self-awareness is an endless river and only in knowing thyself lies complete knowledge" is essentially what has led to the way the brand is perceived and loved by everyone who understands it.

What are the changes we as responsible members of the society aiming at?

It's quite unfortunate that the society expects and encourages us to look and feel a certain way and often anything that goes against the societal norms is more often than not ridiculed which is a sad reality.

As much as we are in a denial mode of not climbing down to or latching onto the concept of finding comfort in not oneself but the behavioural patterns of the society we live in, we do give into the pressures. What really instead needs to be appreciated and practiced more is:

  • Finding a sense of content in who we really are and not what we are expected to be.
  • Finding and surrounding ourselves with people who celebrate diversity and help us grow.
  • Learning more about the various cultures and people.
  • Appreciating the histories of other cultures.
  • Knowing that "We are all in this together" and not leaving people who are fighting internal and external battles alone.
  • Knowing that any challenge faced by a group of people in a society be it in terms of gender, sexuality, education etc. are our collective challenges.
  • Let not a section of the society's likeness for something we can’t relate to, keep us apart, instead let it UNITE us.

How will Hemp help us build not just healthy lifestyles but also a healthy society?

Well it is believed that Hemp is a miracle plant and in thinking so we are not exclusive, there's a large chunk of the world that believes so. If you are wondering why? Well, it's because Hemp apart from being super sustainable has innumerable benefits that can help us all as a society to collectively fight the many evils that tend to weaken our roots and these are:

  • Hemp plants breathe in CO2, 4X times more than any other tree.
  • Hemp doesn't need a lot of water to grow and they have some amazing soil nourishment benefits.
  • Every inch of the plant can be put to use, be it the seeds, the flowers, the leaves or the stalk.
  • Hemp is rich in Omega-3 which can aggrandize the nutritional value of whole foods.

Apart from all the health and environmental benefits, Hemp has many social benefits as well.
It empowers farmers due to its properties that enrich the soil and its potential to grow faster than any other crop. Being an eco-friendly crop, hemp also empowers locals and fulfils the society's political, social and economic needs which makes it check all our boxes of a good crop.

Posted On : 23rd January, 2020