Production and the relevance of iHemp for India

Known to be an excellent rotational crop, hemp plants usually consist of a skinny main crop covered in leaves. Plants can easily reach 6-15 feet in height without much maintenance. Hemp is superior to cotton as it can produce twice the amount of fiber per acre. The period of planting and harvesting for hemp is about 90 days on average depending upon the climatic conditions, while cotton takes 200 days for harvest.. As well, hemp only requires 10% of the water necessary for cotton production. Cotton requires pesticides, contributing to over 25% of the total global pesticide use. These pesticides can spread into the ground and pollute water sources as well as other crops such as vegetables and fruits. Hemp, however, requires no pesticides to grow fruitfully as it is naturally resistant to pests. Most importantly, hemp is a carbon negative crop, contributing to environmental protection and renewal. Hemp is anti-bacterial as well as mold resistant. It is the strongest natural fiber found in the plant kingdom. However, with all of this strength, it is still amazingly breathable and does not require chemical exposure to create garments as many pieces of cotton clothing do.

Seed Bank

Regenerating and enabling eco-systems to adapt to changing environments. Our seed bank has been developed through integrated genetic research to adapt to the ever changing climatic and soil conditions of the Indian Subcontinent.

Seed Bank | Everest Eco Hemp

Hemp Fiber

Processed from the stalk, Hemp Fiber is one of the strongest fibers known to mankind. Clothing, Ropes, Shoes, Bio-Plastics and Bio-Fuel are a few end products that can be achieved using Hemp Fiber.

Hemp Fibre | Everest Eco Hemp

Hemp Shivs/Hurds

Woody core element of the plant. Shivs/Hurds are used for hempcrete, automotives, animal bedding and soil remediation.

Hemp Shivs / Hurds | Everest Eco Hemp

Hemp seeds & oil

Hemp Hearts, Cold Pressed Sativa Oil and Hemp Powder are processed from the Hemp seed. The nutritional benefits are limitless, find out more.

Hemp seeds & oil | Everest Eco Hemp

Hemp Flowers

Hemp flowers have less than 0.3% THC content. CBD is a by-product of processing the flower and is used as a nutraceutical product.
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Hemp Flower | Everest Eco Hemp


Getting started into the Hemp Industry requires a knowledge base and expertise. With multiple avenues open for exploration from cultivation, processing, quality checks and licensing, the market to be chosen is very crucial. Consult with us to get a clear direction for your Company’s Hempy Future.

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